Plasma 3 is a third generation Multi Collector ICP Mass Spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS), designed to provide the best possible precision and accuracy for simultaneous isotopic ion detection. The instrument retains the unique, patented, variable dispersion Zoom lens enabling the simultaneous measurement of the isotopes of elements from lithium to the actinide series on its static collector array of sixteen Faraday detectors and up to six ion-counting detectors.  Ground potential analyser operation provides ease of use and maintenance with excellent reliability.

While continuing to provide the highest precision, accuracy and flexibility that previous generations are renowned for, Plasma 3 adds new refinements and innovations to maintain its position as the instrument of choice for Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Nuclear Research, Archaeology, Forensics, Biochemistry and Biomedical Science.

The Attom ES from Nu Instruments is a double focussing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer that has been purpose designed to be the ultimate tool for rapid and precise isotope ratio and quantitative analysis of trace elements in solid and liquid matrices.

The unique fast scanning techniques, coupled with a novel wide dynamic range detector system make the Attom ES a powerful analytical tool. Furthermore, the flexible high resolution slit system offers the best solution between sensitivity and resolution for unambiguous determinations in complex matrices.

nu Noblesse

Nu Instruments introduce the latest in noble gas mass spectrometry design. Working with existing noble gas users, Noblesse has been developed with ease of use, reliability and flexibility in mind.

Noblesse has the capability to measure several noble gas isotopes simultaneously and to change measurement configurations instantaneously, using the patented zoom optics taken from the successful Nu Plasma HR MC-ICP-MS. From here the pseudo high resolution capability is also derived, offering a resolving power up to 1500. As an example, see the results obtained from the Helium Studies at Harvard.

Introducing the Nu Horizon Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer, the latest addition to the Nu Instruments family. The Nu Horizon is designed for flexibility, high performance and reliability with user friendly instrument control software and data analysis suite. This next generation instrument has a wealth of features:

  • Large dispersion
  • Fully differentially pumped as standard
  • Electromagnet fitted as standard
  • High efficiency ion source with integral focusing lenses
nu Perspective

The Nu Perspective IRMS instrument is designed as the ultimate next generation IRMS with the largest mass dispersion by far (60cm for CO2) of any IRMS. The collector array can accommodate up to 12 Faraday detectors giving flexibility for all current and future IRMS research applications. It uses the patented Nu Instruments variable zoom optics to monitor masses from 2 to 150 with exact coincidence.


Nu Instruments introduce the next generation of glow discharge mass spectrometers. The ion source has been purpose designed in collaboration with users to provide the best in performance, reliability and flexibility. The double focusing, high resolution mass spectrometer is based on the successful Nu AttoM HR-ICP-MS for accurate and precise elemental analysis.

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