JCS was set up in India to supply and service high quality instrumentation and supplies from manufacturers of high repute such as Nu Instruments, UK who are at the forefront of various types of mass spectrometers for Isotopic and elemental analysis of wide range of liquid, solid and gas samples. Our list of high quality suppliers is shown opposite and you may click on any of these to get more detailed information about these companies and their products. Our major fields of expertise are in IRMS, ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS, GDMS, Laser ablation, EA, ETV, TIMS, GC-MS and many others. If you do not find what you are looking for here please call us and we will try our best to find a suitable supplier. JCS is adding new Principals at the rate of >2 per annum.

The admin base for JCS in India is at Hyderabad which also serves as our service headquarters.

We have customers at many prestigious sites all over India such as NGRI, PRL, IIT, NPL, NIH, CCCM, IGCAR, FCD BARC, AMD and many more besides. We are also servicing instrumentation supplied by others so please contact us if you are not satisfied with your current provider.

We look forward to serving you!

•  Enhanced Sensitivity
•  Enhanced Speed
•  Enhanced Selectivity
•  Enhanced Software

Plasma 3 is a third generation Multi Collector ICP Mass Spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS), designed to provide... The Nu HORIZON IRMS instrument is designed for flexibility, high performance, and reliability
with user friendly...

NWR 213
Laser Ablation System
Resolution: Continuously variable resolution
Average Background:
<1 count per second (cps)...
Simultaneous and Preceise Greenhouse Gas Analyzers
and water Isotopic
instruments using CRDS Technology...

ESI’s NWR-213 is a third generation, high-performance Nd:YAG deep UV (213nm) laser ablation system that provides...

New PFA Nebulizer

    “Are you interested in the history
of ICP-MS?”
Dr John Cantle talks about the
history of ICP-MS.
    We M/s. J C S Services P Limited are the Authorized Indian Agents for our Principals M/s. Picarro INC USA
    Plasma 3 is a third generation Multi Collector ICP Mass Spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS), designed to provide...
    JCS is a major sponsor of ISMAS - please consider joining this excellent Indian Society for the advancment of MS.

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